Boost Your Youtube Subscribers with a Custom Sub Link

Boost Youtube Subscribers

Youtube Tips
The only way to get more subscribers to your Youtube channel is to get more people to click that red button, right? Well, here is a tip to help your viewers do more clicking and less browsing-without-clicking.

You can create a subscription link that will take a Youtube user to your Youtube page with an overlay that has your Youtube subscribe confirmation button. So, essentially, it cuts the middle-man out and ensures that your user clicks the red button rather than just going to your page, getting distracted and not clicking the red button.

The old way of formulating this special url is using the Youtube Subscription Center url. That url looks like this:
This form will give you a “Invalid Request” or “User not found” error.

YoutubeThis won’t work now as Youtube no longer has a “Subscription Center”. Now you use this format:

Just put your username in place of USERNAMEHERE. To find your exact username, go to your Youtube “My Channel” page. Look at the web address at the top of the browser. Your username is either a text string representing a user such as “campietralunga” OR a string of letters and numbers representing a channel such as “UC41WI1DzyWt74xE0hy1uBdw”. Copy and paste that into your subscription url.

Now you can easily pump up your subscriber number! 🙂