How to Add Gorgeous Free Fonts to Your Site with Google Web Fonts

If you’re building your site thinking you’re stuck using ONLY typical “web safe” fonts such as Arial, Helvetica or Times New Roman, please know you do have choices! And some very sexy choices too! Related posts: End-of-Year Website Maintenance SEO and Images on Your Website Key Benefits of a New Website Growing By Leaps and […]

4 Core Moneymakers to Keep Your Sales Pipeline Full

Most likely youʼve heard about the sales funnel and know what it does for your business. Everyoneʼs sales funnel is labeled a little bit differently but basically itʼs a stage-by-stage representation of how the potential customer/client moves from just getting to know your company to committing to purchase from you. In the graphic, the first […]

The “heart” behind the friends…

At first glance, you’d think liking/following someone or not would be an easy decision to make but there are A LOT of emotions and self esteem issues at hand there! Check out Chris Brogan’s experience with this… It’s fascinating to consider the “heart” behind all the seemingly random social interactions. Related posts: Attitude is […]

How to Create a Free Autoresponder for Your Mediakit

A lot of my clients ask how to send an autoresponder. An autoresponder is an email message that is automatically sent to a customer when they email a particular email address. So, for instance, you might have a pdf mediakit you want your customers/clients to receive. You would set up an email address JUST for […]

8 Easy Ways to Build Trust with Customers

One key component of success I’ve learned is that people need to feel a bond of trust before they buy anything. You’ve probably heard of the concept “know, like, trust”. This means a potential customer must know you and your business (you must have some level of visibility in her world), she must like what […]

11 Ways to Generate Hot Content for Your Blog or Website

A lot of my clients ask me how to come up with content for their website. I know creating a vibrant and “client attractive” website or blog SEEMS like an easy task but in reality it can be tough to come up with ideas for content. To help get you started I’ve come up with […]