How to Keep Your Friends On Your New Facebook Business Page!

You’re excited about the prospect of creating your new Facebook Business Page BUT you don’t want to lose all the “friends” you’ve made on your personal Profile page. You don’t want to start from scratch and I don’t blame you! Well now there is a way you can KEEP all your “friends” AND move them […]

4 Core Moneymakers to Keep Your Sales Pipeline Full

Most likely you’ve heard about the sales funnel and know what it does for your business. Everyone’s sales funnel is labeled a little bit differently but basically it’s a stage-by-stage representation of how the potential customer/client moves from just getting to know your company to committing to purchase from you. In the graphic, the first […]

SEO and Images on Your Website

As you know, I come from a background in web design and development and lately my clients have been asking me very specific questions about SEO (search engine optimization). Search engines such as Google use robot programs to read through a website’s html code. The search engine ranks the website’s relevancy based on the keywords […]

Mindset and Your Business

Do you ever wonder how your mindset is affecting your business and your success? To learn more about how you can take control, read my new article on Oh My! Handmade Goodness: Change Your Mindset = Transform Your Business Have a Fabulous Day! Cam Related posts: Mindset and Business Getting “stocked and sticky” online… […]

Quick! Lay the groundwork for a FABULOUS 2011!

We’ve got 3 days left until 2011 – use this time well. Most people consider the week between Christmas and New Year’s to be throw-away days – days spent “phoning in” their work, or slacking off. But I suggest that we use these last 3 days to crank up our production. How about using these […]

Mindset and Business

I’ve been reading a lot about mindset lately. Everyone knows about keeping a positive attitude but not everyone know exactly how much your mindset, or attitude, affects results in your business. A negative mindset affects your interactions and the Universe in a negative way on a subconscious level. You might not even know you’re undermining […]