Twitter and How to Use It For Business

Twitter is a relatively new social network started in 2006. It’s a micro-blogging tool where you post what you’re doing or what you’re working on in small bites. You post just a sentence or two and can include links to related resources. A lot of people use Twitter to post updates about what they had […]

Eco [re]Drive

I already have an Apple Time Capsule as a backup drive, so technically I’m all set there. But I happened across this incredibly stylish drive today: It looks like my dream house only tiny and full of storage! So gorgeous I might have to spring for one. Hey, it’s the least I can do […]

Dabbling in Life

I came across a great post today on dabbling in many crafts as opposed to focusing on just one. I’ve often been in turmoil over my desire to do everything (sewing, bookbinding, painting, web design, coding, accounting (yes. I like it.), baking) and my desire to feel that I have ONE TRUE CALLING. The older […]

The Magic of

Wow. I just discovered a fantastic service called You can create an account, then automatically update all your social networking accounts with your status AT THE SAME TIME. Awesome. So simple and FAST. Check it out: Related posts: How to Create a Free Autoresponder for Your Mediakit End-of-Year Website Maintenance Attitude is Everything! […]

New Clients, New Projects – How to Make It Work

A potential client recently asked what she could do to help her new website project flow smoothly. I gave her a detailed reply and wondered if I might have scared her a bit with the reality of the work involved in creating a new web presence. Her question also made me realize that I’m so […]

New Indie Girl Guide

Hi ladies, We’ve got a new Indie Girl Guide for you!  It’s all about how partnering up with other creative businesswomen can help you grow your business exponentially. Good luck ladies! Related posts: New Indie Girl Guide! Attitude is Everything! Decision-making is powerful! End-of-Year Website Maintenance