8 Easy Ways to Build Trust with Customers

One key component of success I’ve learned is that people need to feel a bond of trust before they buy anything. You’ve probably heard of the concept “know, like, trust”. This means a potential customer must know you and your business (you must have some level of visibility in her world), she must like what she knows about you (your business, your personality, your hair, just something about you must be likable), and finally, she must grow to trust you (through discovering you are reliable, dependable, always deliver solid and valuable service or products). Getting people to trust you is a culmination of successfully achieving the first two factors. Here are 8 surefire ways to build trust with your women clients and customers.

  1. You must get into her “world”, creating the “know” factor by repeatedly showing up in the places where she circulates. That might mean a women’s networking group, a mom’s club, or a women’s fitness club. You’ll have to research to find where YOUR ideal client congregates regularly. Letting her see you and your business and learn more about you each time will help her to “know” you. You can use advertising on women’s networks, writing regular articles, Twitter posting on a regular schedule and simply talking to let people know you.
  2. Creating the “like” factor is all about being transparent about who you are and what you do. There’s a tribe of people out there for everyone and if you are honest and forthright about your ideas, your work, your mission in life, you’ll find your tribe naturally. Your tribe will see something in you that they like and identify with. This is how you build “like” in your ideal clients: exposing your personality, your humanity, showing us that you’re not perfect but dealing with life and business just like we all are – day by day. Women particularly love to learn how their tribe members deal with the challenges of family, being an entrepreneur and being a wife. If you can comfortably show little snippets of your world to your tribe, you’ll have customers for life! Ways you can do this are creating audio clips or podcasts and video of yourself on your site, and including bits about your family in your blog posts.
  3. The “trust” factor is all about being reliable and dedicated to your core subject – the topic you cover in your business. You need to show women that you’re in it for the long haul. You must be willing to share your knowledge with them and they can trust that they’ll receive valuable information from you regularly. You’re building a relationship with them so it will take time and patience. Keep at it and it will pay off!


Cam Pietralunga is a web and graphic designer with over 10 years professional experience designing and building website and iOS apps. Legit. Pushing herself creatively is her thing whether it's on a detailed pencil illustration, a watercolor painting or a client's new logo.

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