End-of-Year Website Maintenance

There are some tasks we all loathe doing – laundry and taxes, for instance. Here’s a once-a-year task that shouldn’t hurt too much, however – the end-of-year website maintenance.

What’s that? You may be thinking. Well, it’s all the little items you’ve neglected to do throughout the year that have built up and are waiting for attention. Here’s a quick checklist that you can do in an afternoon and create a clean slate for your business’s 2008 success.

  1. Archive your articles and other writings on your site. If you’re like most busy business owners, you just post your articles as you write them and don’t have time to organize and archive your work. If you don’t use a content management system, you can manually organize your writings by category. Don’t bother alphabetizing them. Just get them in logical groupings and leave them be until next year.
  2. Check over your content, page by page and update ALL OF IT. I know this sounds tough but you know and I know that no one wants to visit the exact same website year after year. It’s time to update and revise the content on your site. Take some time and make sure the content is aligned with your true business goals and speaks with the appropriate voice. It’s worth every minute spent on it.
  3. Test all of the links and contact forms. Often off-site linked content is moved and reorganized (see item #1) and may leave your site with broken links. This can give your customers and clients the impression that you don’t keep your site up and aren’t involved in the community. Not a good impression to make. Do a quick check and fix any links that are broken.
  4. Take a quick review of your competitor’s websites. You REALLY need to know what they’re up to. Ask yourself if they’re making any innovations that you should take heed of? Have they redesigned their website recently and what changes did they make? It’s important for you to know where you stand when compared to your competition so stay on top of them. It will pay off in your branding efforts and help propel your business forward.

That’s it! Pretty painless and very important and informative. Good luck and we hope you have a fabulous 2008!



Cam Pietralunga is a web and graphic designer with over 10 years professional experience designing and building website and iOS apps. Legit. Pushing herself creatively is her thing whether it's on a detailed pencil illustration, a watercolor painting or a client's new logo.

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