Montana Wedding Website

I designed and built this website for a Montana wedding. The client wanted something clean that showcased their original photos of Montana with touches of nature.


Every year the AIA California elects a new president and that person needs a new graphic for his or her monthly blogs. This illustration is for Brett Dougherty. He’s vibrant and excited about the coming year and I wanted the graphic to reflect that. This established a new graphic style for all future designs including […]

Niello Car Websites

I was contracted by SacAutos to build out the Niello Company car websites using html/css. Their web developer then coded the dynamic websites. This included the BMW, Fiat, Audi, Porsche sites and more.

Various Videos

Portfolio: Video A selection of videos I created for AIA CA utilizing Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.  I worked with several sources to gather and organize, plan and design these videos to support various programs created and/or supported by the AIA CA. AIA California Awards Video Presentation Leadership Celebration/Installation Video Presentation Kids Draw Architecture […]

Emerging Professional Design Competition Logo

Role: Designer Skills: logo design, concept development, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop I was asked to design the logo for a new architectural design competition created by the American Institute of Architecture, California. The challenge was to create a logo that combined a sense of the established AIA CA logo of an eagle in a box […]

Practice Logo

I designed a logo and style for the Practice Webinar Series at AIA CA.

MLK Illustration

I created an illustration of Martin Luther King Jr. to mark the holiday for AIA CA.  

2019 AIA CA Board Design

Role: Designer Skills: style design, concept development, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop Details: New design for 2019 AIA CA annual Board meeting.